CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution was established in Barbados in 2010, and founded by internationally accomplished Trinidadian/Canadian/British film producer Frances-Anne Solomon. It was founded in order to monetize indigenous content created with the support of programs offered through the CaribbeanTales charity. With a library of over 180 films and series, CTWD specialises in Caribbean-themed content and content from the Caribbean Diaspora (including Canada, the United States, Europe, Africa and India). CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution belongs to the CaribbeanTales Media Group based in Barbados and Toronto, Canada. In addition to CTWD, the group includes CaribbeanTales Inc. (a registered Canadian Charity); the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival, an annual event that takes place in Toronto in September; the CaribbeanTales Incubator Program, that trains filmmakers in the development of viable content for the international marketplace; CaribbeanTalesFlix, our production arm; and CaribbeanTales-TV, a video on demand platform.

Unique Business Proposition & Vision/Mission Statement
• “To establish a profitable media production and distribution entity with global reach.
• To present a fiercely creative Caribbean aesthetic that captures the global imagination.
• To produce films that reflect the Caribbean experience.
• To provide professional development opportunities to Caribbean audiovisual producers.”

Vision: “Taking Caribbean Films To The World.”

Sustainability Aspects
Product descriptors such as; diverse content, indigenous content, voices of the Caribbean and the Diaspora are some aspects of sustainability. We also have CaribbeanTales-TV which is an on demand service.
Company Product/Service Range
Our range of services include:
• Film & Television Distribution
• Market Development Programs
• Film & Broadcast Marketing
• Co-Production Opportunities

Differentiators, what makes your Company, products, services special?
We are the first and largest full-service film distribution Company in the English-speaking Caribbean focusing on Caribbean content.

Current market position, Company growth plans, Export experience and capabilities, production capabilities, Company/product certifications.
We produce, acquire, promote, sell and deliver our product to international buyers in the educational, international television sales, home dvd sales, and digital streaming sectors. We also offer film marketing, and market development services through our Film Festival Group, hold industry training workshops for filmmakers through the CaribbeanTales Incubator Program, and offer Co-Production Facilitation Services and Consultancy services.