Caribbean Cure Ltd is a natural health and wellness company owned and operated by two women passionateX4› about caribbean healing traditions. The company was founded by Sophia Stone who developed a passion and curiosity for the vast amount of healing plants, herbs and preventative natural health practices commonly used in the West Indies.

Unique Business Proposition & Vision/Mission Statement
With no added preservatives and no additional flavoring, we deem our product to be one of the most unique tea offerings on the market. We are one of the few tea companies in the caribbean using these herbs in tea blending.

Mission: “To share the benefits and bounty of Caribbean natural ingredients with the world through the love of tea.”

Vision: “To provide high quality natural products that come from Caribbean traditions with integrity, honesty and respect for the environment.”

Company Achievements: Successes, Awards, References etc.
We have won two Global Tea Championship medals and were shortlisted for Sial Innovation Selection in 2018. We are currently launching our products in Japan.

Sustainability Aspects
Caribbean Cure supports local football teams, contributes to various fundraisers supporting women and uses eco-friendly processes in our manufacturing. We work closely with our farmers to promote the use of natural farming methods and we are also very supportive of micro farmers. We have outfitted our plant with eco-friendly lighting fixtures, and we try to minimize our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Company Product/Service Range
We have two (2) lines of natural teas which comprises of loose leaf teas and tea bags.

Differentiators, what makes your Company, products, services special?
We feature local ingredients that are known for their health benefits and we use a special dehydration process.We have inernationally acclaimed packagaing and branding, and we have been complimented by many agencies in the European Union.

Current market position, Company growth plans, Export experience and capabilities, production capabilities, Company/product certifications.
We have penetrated the niche market in Trinidad with our premium loose leaf tea offering and we are launching our new mid-market range of tea bags befoe the end of the year. We export regionally and extra-regionally, with our products entering markets in North America and most recently in Japan. We possess GMP & HACCP certifications. We also conduct rigorous testing with CARIRI and we have a PCQI.