The Caribbean has long been recognized as a region bustling with great creativity, fuelled in grand measure by its ethnic and cultural diversity. While representation of Caribbean popular culture has entered the international mainstream (carnival, music, cuisine, art, etc.), other lesser-known cultural elements remain relatively neglected or underdeveloped. The fashion industry in the Caribbean is one example.

It is our passion that speaks to our “Essence” as Caribbean people and when one thinks of the “tropical allure” of our scenery and our people; this experience is vividly translated within our fashion sense and style. The Caribbean Essence Fashion Showcase is a Caribbean Export project that demonstrates the vibrancy and creative expression for which we are known. This is where Caribbean Export presents the region’s trends in fashion design and the amazing potential within this industry.

Watch the full Caribbean Essence Runway show featuring – drennaLUNA, Heather Jones International, The Fifth Element and Meiling

For more information about Caribbean Essence, please contact Chris McNair, Manager – Competitiveness and Innovation at [email protected] or tel: +1 246 436 0578

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