Branding and Packaging is a vital component of a competitive product, especially in the global market where packaging is often the major differentiating factor between one product and the next. Packaging can also be one of the major driving factors for the success of one brand over another.

The Branding and Packaging Workshop was developed to address some of the weaknesses in regional product development and product presentation.  Addressing the specific limitations which regional brands face in preparing their products’ packaging for export this workshop primarily provides information on the standards required for particular markets, with the European market as a focus.  Additionally, the workshop provides targeted guidance for the amelioration of deficits in the particular branding and packaging approaches of the firms.  Th

e workshop therefore presents a unique opportunity for regional brands to explore market knowledge that is specific to their socio-economic context and to simultaneously gain applicable tools to make improvements in spite of these challenges.

The workshops aims specifically to:

  1. To provide CARIFORUM firms with a better understanding of the roles branding and packaging play in developing a successful enterprise.
  2. To introduce CARIFORUM firms to various branding and packaging concepts and tools that will help improve their company’s image and to the appeal of their products.
  3. To expose CARIFORUM firms to the packaging standards and guidelines for European markets.
  4. To provide CARIFORUM firms with knowledge of the European Consumer and consumption patterns.
  5. To better prepare CARIFORUM firms to present their products on an international platform.
  6. To better prepare CARIFORUM firms to access funding for Caribbean Export’s proposed Specific Call for Proposals for brand development and other developmental opportunities afforded by Caribbean Export.

The last workshop was held in Barbados in July, 2013 with over 104 firms participating.  The workshop was delivered in partnership with Brand42