Caribbean Export takes a hands-on approach to preparing individuals and enterprises for a competitive world market. We ensure that we are a reliable source of information and evaluation by adhering to internationally recognized and respected standards. As a result, our methods of evaluation and guidance are on par with the best practices and methodologies across the board.

Our Trade and Export Development team subscribes to the standards of the International Trade Centre in Geneva for evaluation and methodology following rigorous training on their Benchmarking Assessment Tool. Benchmarking provides Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) with a reliable and objective assessment of their institution, its efficiency, and its performance in relation to best business practices of TPOs across the world. The assessment identifies areas for improvement through the use of a full complement of benchmark measures developed specifically for TPOs. These measures focus on the key factors of organizational structure which would most affect performance.

Caribbean Export intends to continue its collaboration with the  International Trade Centre, Geneva in a number of other areas including on regional workshops for trade information services, trade advocacy;, and the hosting of an inaugural Caribbean Export Development Forum (CEDF) in March of 2013.

For more information on benchmarking and assessment or on the Caribbean Export/ITC projects, please contact Mr. Zamani Moodie, Market Intelligence Advisor at Caribbean export at [email protected] or join our mailing list to keep informed on activities and opportunities.

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