30 Oct - 30 Oct, 2020
10:00:00 - 11:30 am
1.5 hours


This webinar will discuss investment funding and its many variations and other sources to fund your project in addition to coproduction. Discussions will be centred around how to reach ‘pure’ investors (cash) and the general business criteria required to achieve them.

Agenting is an important and often overlooked component of filmmaking: there are financial packagers/agents and there are film sales agents (also TV & digital sales agents) to reach distributors who “license” your film; they are usually called BUYERS. Film agents are independent freelance persons or boutique companies who spend all their time and money looking for distributors (buyers) for your film and if successful they take a modest-small percentage of the sale as compensation. Agents know both traditional and new buyers; they know the criteria and preferences of each buyer, they know about windows of release, ie waterfalls of release, exclusivity etc. In most small regions, including the Caribbean, agents are very rare and there is no training (yet) for them. We talk about how to find agents.

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Your presenters for this webinar are Lorna Garner and Alison Saunders.

About the presenters:

Lorna Garner was a pioneer in arranging international film and TV co-productions and also in financial packaging to fund productions, both fiction and documentary. Working as an advisor to and agent for producer-clients, she arranged several international coproductions, bringing together compatible producers for projects originated by producers. She also handled the international licensing/selling of rights to international distributors.

Alison Saunders, a Trinidadian / Barbadian has produced two feature films: Hit for Six (drama) and Panama Dreams – a documentary with dramatic re-enactments. She has also produced several TV series: Bank On Me – 3 seasons and Home Sweet Home Makeover TV Show. She has had private and company cash investors as well as other funding sources for her films. She feels strongly the need for film & TV sales agents located in the Caribbean.
She also owns and runs SFA Communications Inc.


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