16 Oct - 16 Oct, 2020
09:30:00 - 11:30 am

Nowadays, every country in the world claims that their agricultural or traditional products and foods belong to a cultural or gastronomic heritage, as a symbol of the history of a country or a community. Such ‘origin linked products’ have not only a social, but also an economic dimension. They can enhance economic development, living standards, and protection of the environment.

In order to help companies protect and internationalize their origin linked products, CarIPI is organizing a set of e-learning activities in the region, focusing on Geographical Indications and other IPR tools.

Caribbean businesses are encouraged to make the most of their OLPs, and access additional benefits which the GI and IPR systems can bring.

This webinar is scheduled for 16th of October at 9.30 AST.

Zoom Link to Join the webinar: 

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