10 Nov - 11 Nov, 2021
09:00:00 - 5:00 pm
Grand Caribe, San Pedro, Belize

The Belize Investment Summit 2021 is a first-of-its-kind event focusing on
attracting and promoting investment for economic development in Belize.
This high-profile occasion is being led by the Office of the Prime Minister
and the Ministry of Finance, Investment, and Economic Development
under the theme: “Belize is Open for Business”. It is a call to both local
and international investors for identifying opportunities and showcasing
Belize’s readiness to support global investment through vastly improved
service delivery.

The Summit will feature an address by the Prime Minister highlighting the
government’s vision on enhanced and strategic investments, presentations
from other high-profile international experts, public officials such as
Chief Executive Officers, policymakers, and enterprise movers and
shakers who together shape the investment climate in Belize. This will be
complemented by industry-specific presentations, a Doing Business in
Belize Expo, and the opportunity for robust connecting across investment
stakeholders through a Match-making session.

The Summit will be delivered in a hybrid virtual and face-to-face setting
allowing participants the advantage of in-person networking among
investors, government officials, and other key economic agents.
Belize is Open for Business and we are ready to be your investment

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