This is a crucial stage in your brand development
Step 4 :
Define your look and feel The creation Phase

This is a crucial stage in your brand development. Your ‘look and feel’ must reflect everything that you have acquired from the exploration phase. This will be your visual tone of voice to express your brand’s unique selling points. This will also be the main influence for your packaging and must give your product striking shelf appeal for international export.

It’s important to test out several routes before choosing one which fits your brand identity exactly.

It’s very simple; boring products are left behind. A Yankelovich Consumer Research study has predicted that we ingest up to 5,000 pieces of communication everyday but our brains can only absorb a tiny proportion of this visual overload.

With odds like that, be remembered or wither…

Brand42 choose a clean, bright and minimal visual feel to revamp Caribbean Blue Naturals.