Caribbean Export believes in a stronger, united region that works together in order to achieve its mutual goal of development. In order to achieve this, the Agency has facilitated and taken part in several bi-national programmes designed to foster relationships between the CARICOM states and both the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The main goal of these agreements, apart from the creation of a more integrated region, is to promote the development of Haiti and the Dominican Republic while taking into consideration the requirements for sustainable development and the need for poverty reduction strategies.

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The programme aims to achieve this ultimate goal by satisfying specific objectives:
– To nurture the development of economic and commercial cooperation between the nations through the use of agreements that benefit both parties;
– To support initiatives which focus on the local development and sustainable resources of both countries;
– To strengthen the capacities of invested public institutions and private sector entities in their efforts to create a favourable environment for trade and commerce between the two nations.
By adhering to these objectives, the programme hopes to strengthen and build on a relationship that has already been established by Caribbean Export’s Barbados and sub-regional offices.

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