Who: Gom Food Industries (GFI)

Country: Suriname



 Profile: The company produces three soy-based marinades and one barbeque topping, all using pure vegetable products and marketed under the Sishado label. In 2009 GFI decided to semi-automate production processes. It was felt that in doing so the company could gain a larger market share in the Netherlands and the Dutch speaking Caribbean market, as well as enter new markets in the English-and French- speaking Caribbean.

Assistance received: After receiving funding under the Scheme, GFI benefitted from the help of a technical consultant contracted by Caribbean Export. As a result, supplier visits to the Netherlands and Belgium were conducted by the general manager of GFI, and the pump that was needed for installation and integration of the cooling tank was purchased and installed as planned.

Later in Florida, USA an order was made for an automated two-head piston filler, a semi-automated bottle capper and a semi automated labeler.


Impact: The production system at Gom Food Industries is now much improved thanks to the new cooking kettle. What beneficiaries have to say: A company spokesperson noted, “Make sure that you have the original invoices and payments for refund purposes. In the e-mail age we are living in nowadays offers, invoices and even payments are done by e-mail, but these are not official refunding documents!”


For more information: http://sishado.com/

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