While individual angels are incredibly important, few prospective angels have the time, know-how or financial resources to participate in multiple investments acting alone.  As a result, angel networks have emerged as a method for providing an introductory service to potential deals, connecting like-minded individuals to share the workload, accessing the collective wisdom of others and syndication of deals.  As such angel networks often overcome the many challenges associated with solo investing and investing in risky environments, such as emerging markets like the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Business Angel Network (CBAN) aims to improve access to investment opportunities throughout the Caribbean, for angel investors.  It is focused on connecting investors with start-up, early-stage and growth companies seeking finance; increasing Caribbean deal flow.  Investors that are members of an Angel Group or network, are a syndicate of solo investors, or a legally registered institution are also able to apply for a LINK-Caribbean Co-investment grant.

Visit our LINK-Caribbean website to find our more about the programme and to join CBAN

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