Deadline Date:

The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) has been entrusted by the Governments of the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the European Union, with the implementation of the “Trade and Private Sector Component” of the Haiti-Dominican Republic Binational Cooperation Programme under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) FED/2018/399-379. This component seeks to enhance the overall business and investment climate of Haiti and the Dominican Republic as well as the international perceptions and images of both countries.
The Programme has three (3) main objectives:

  1. The Promotion of a more balanced and formal trade between Haiti and the Dominican Republic;
  2. The quality of goods produced in both countries and the competitivity of enterprises is enhanced with special attention to three (3) value chains: Cocoa/Chocolate; Essential Oils/Cosmetics; and Handicraft/Fashion/Accessories/Jewellery; and
  3. The institutional cooperation, between the Ministries working in trade related issues and the Customs Administrations, as well as the public-private and private-private dialogue is reinforced.

Under component three (3) of this Work Programme related to institutional collaboration between the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Haiti (MCI) and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and MSMEs (MICM) of the Dominican Republic, Caribbean Export seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Ministries responsible for trade and industry related issues.

Over the last few years, several studies and diagnostic surveys have been carried out by several international, regional (eg. CARICOM, CARIFORUM) and non-governmental organisations covering trade, investment and private sector development related issues including recommendations for institutional strengthening of public and private sector institutions in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Consequently, the objective of this assignment is to compile, summarize and analyze the conclusions of trade, investment and private sector development studies and surveys carried out by international, regional and non-governmental organisations as well as other entities on behalf of public and private sector institutions in Haiti and the Dominican Republic since 2005.

Project Deliverables
The consultant is expected to deliver the following results:

  1. Report 1: Inception Meeting Report – This report will capture agreed timelines, the methodology that will be used to undertake the assignment and any potential changes to project design that are discussed at the inception meeting;
  2. Report 2: Intermediary Report – This report will cover the work completed to date and information on the outstanding work to be completed; and
  3. Report 3: Final Report – This final report will present a catalogue of all the studies to be compiled and a final report on the results, conclusions and analysis of said studies.
    All reports must be in French and Spanish.

Submissions of Offers

All proposals must be submitted in French or Spanish. Offers should be submitted by 17:00 hrs (Haiti local time) on Monday November 4th, 2019 to the following e-mail addresses [email protected] and [email protected] with the reference “Compilation and data analysis of trade-related studies – HT/DR BNP ”.