Over the years, the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) has facilitated the showcasing of regional designers at Dominicana Moda (DM), an annual fashion week of activities, which started in the Dominican Republic in 2006. This year, the Agency supported the participation of designers from Haiti and the Dominican Republic under the framework of the Trade Component of the Haiti – Dominican Republic Binational Programme funded by the European Union (EU).

During a press conference, hosted by Caribbean Export, to launch the event,, the National Authorizing Officer of the European Development Funds, Ambassador Antonio Vargas Hernandez, highlighted his commitment to the fashion industry stating that “groupThe General Directorate of Multilateral Cooperation of the Dominican Republic (DIGECOOM) is committed to contribute to national competitiveness through the support of initiatives that foster the trade and investment at the national, regional and international level. In this sense, we have joined efforts with the EU and Caribbean Export to showcase at DominicanaModa 2016, a sample of the talent and creativity [that our beautiful Caribbean region] has to offer from within the fashion industry”.

Mr Escipion Oliveira, Deputy Executive Director of Caribbean Export added that the fashion show “Building links between Dominican and Haitian Fashion”, demonstrates the joint work of designers and institutions that work together to strengthens regional fashions position in the industry and at the same time, helping to boost the economies of the countries of the region.  “Caribbean fashion is a distinctive sign of the existing diversity in the region.  Our institutions foster a cooperation which ultimately enables designer’s greater access to the international market.” affirmed Oliveira.  He went on to speak of the richness of the talent found in the region and expressed that DominicanaModa provided great avenue for cooperation between the fashion and textile manufacturing industries of the Dominican Republic and Haiti “A selection of designers from both countries in DM2016 will be coordinated with a similar participation in Haiti Fashion Week 2016. These efforts aim to enhance the competitiveness of our countries through the institutional collaboration and the strengthening of bi-national value chains” he concluded.

Designers Maguy Durce, President of MODAYITI and Michel Chataigne, Director, organizers of Haiti Fashion Week, thank DominicanModa for the support given to showcase their designs to the public that comes to such an important event.  “We are happy because this fashion show helps to strengthen the links between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Also, we reinforce that Fashion is great cultural value”. Affirmed the Haitian designers.

Michel Chataigne said that it has been four years since he last presented in DominicanaModa’s runway, where his creations has served to visualize that Haitian fashion owns many colors and has a strong African influence.

Ms Mirka Morales, General Director of DominicaModa, said that this Fashion show reminds her to keep working towards this Fashion proposal that promotes the culture of Haiti as a country of the Caribbean that loves and acknowledges their roots.