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The games in London and the expected millions of visitors from across the world present an unparalleled opportunity for Caribbean Export to showcase the excellence of the region.  The historic and diaspora connections also provide the ideal platform for a desperately needed “jump-start” to the utilization of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed by the Caribbean and the EU three years ago.

The London Engage effort will be used as a springboard into the rest of Europe using our traditional market base of the UK as the “home base”.

As the world congregates in London for the Olympics, Caribbean Export intends to capitalise on the diverse audience to unveil the essence of what the Caribbean Brand is — Its authenticity and uniqueness. We intend to demonstrate the region’s potential for investment, expansion and diversified growth.  London Engage is where the rest of the world experiences: The Caribbean Brand

The structure of the London Engage initiative is designed to bridge the gap between what people know as the Caribbean and the essence of the Caribbean reality — Its diverse culture.  This will be represented in a series of events staged in the UK.

The structure is broken down into five areas: Our Sport, Our Music, Our Cuisine, Our Design and Our ESSENCEThe vibrancy of our fashion and the people.  These five areas will be represented through specially developed initiatives which showcase the brand authenticity of the Caribbean. Most importantly, they are all tied together by a core investment focus which will be staged in the form of the CARIFORUM – EU business forum. A two day event which reveals the avenues for investing in the Caribbean Brand and explores regularity frameworks for fostering growth.

A large part of Caribbean Export’s London Engage initiative is a partnership with the African Caribbean Business Experience and Expo scheduled to take place at the Grosvenor House in London from August 4th – 10th.


Schedule of Events

[intlink id=”2916″ type=”post”]June 28th – July 15th Architectural Design Showcase[/intlink]

Location: P3 Ambika Westminster University


[intlink id=”2920″ type=”post”]August 5th Our Essence: Fashion Showcase[/intlink]

Location: Grosvenor House

[intlink id=”2924″ type=”post”]August 6th, 7th & 10th Caribbean Cuisine and Hospitality Suite[/intlink]

Location: Grosvenor House


[intlink id=”2925″ type=”post”]August 8th & 9th CARIFORUM – EU Business Forum[/intlink]

Location: Grosvenor House


[intlink id=”2926″ type=”post”]August 9th Break Point Pitches[/intlink]

Location: Grosvenor House


[intlink id=”2927″ type=”post”]August 9th (evening) Caribbean Soul Fusion[/intlink]

Location: Grosvenor House



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