H&H Farms Success Stories


Who: H&H Farms

Country: Jamaica

Profile: H&H Farms is an aquaculture farm operated by Howard Hill.

Assistance received: The farm received funding through the Direct Grant Assistance Scheme for a tilapia and food fish project.  The objectives of the project were to cut production costs for tilapia fingerlings and tilapia food fish by 30-40% and identify export markets for 80% of projected production .The project has, so far, undertaken:

• Development and testing of fish value-added products

• Installation of a 15 ton bulk feed storage bin for receiving wholesale quantities of feed

• Landscaping the process and office facility area

• Continued maintenance of water ways and drains to ensure consistent flow of water to the project, particularly during the prolonged drought

• Preliminary preparation for establishment of a cooked fish retail outlet

• YS Valley Farm participation in poly culture trials involving the simultaneous stocking of tilapia fingerlings and fresh water shrimp post larvae. This was done to investigate the effect of fish/shrimp poly culture on pond net profit

Impact: H&H Farms has enhanced production of tilapia fingerlings and food fish for local and regional distribution as a result of the grant funding received. Other notable successes include the:

  • Development and local sampling of a smoked, jerked whole tilapia achieved through partnership with the Holy Spirit Foundation (HSF)
  • Location of a processing facility in Maggotty, St. Elizabeth
  • Preparation for packaging and labeling the food product for local and export sale


What beneficiaries have to say: “Without the funding, progress on these areas would have been delayed until the venture reached profitability. To date, there has been high demand from YS Valley Farm, but low production because of drought conditions. As a result H&H Farms intends to improve the production system by adding aerators for selective use in ponds stocked with larger fish (>150g). H&H has also worked with the Jamaica Fish Cluster to introduce new brood stock to produce faster growing hybrids.” – Owner, H&H Farms, Howard Hill.


For more information: H&H Farms, 32 Miss Lou Close (20), Jamaica. Telephone (876) 765-1807


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