Export Development

Caribbean Export supports CARFORUM firms to develop their businesses specifically for export.  Our services include capacity building and technical assistance, access to finance through grant schemes and the provisions of useful information and resources to support a business’s needs to become export ready.

  • Access to FinanceAs a business owner, are you ready to satisfy your ambitions to grow your business? Do you have exciting ideas for new products or services as well as new markets, but lack the funds and know-how to make it happen? Help is available.
  • Capacity Building and Technical AssistanceCaribbean Export is all about fostering environments for the successful advancement of trade and investment within the region.
  • Caribbean Exporter's ToolkitAny business can export products or services but the process can be complex and challenging and success is far from guaranteed. Yet, when it is approached with careful deliberation, exporting can be a rewarding growth strategy for any business.
  • Food PortalThe Caribbean has been a player in the Specialty Food market for more than twenty-five years. The awareness and interest in Caribbean food products have been growing internationally especially in major urban market centres in the US and in the EU in particular the UK.