Architectural Design Showcase


The Caribbean, known for its beauty and brilliant weather will harness its natural talent to showcase architectural solutions to housing and energy problems. The showcase which will be part of the British Council’s International Architectural and Design Showcase will display Caribbean design and methods of construction that:

a) Respond to the needs of a Caribbean climate

b) Is sensitive to the social, cultural and climatic requirements and

c) Uses a variety of materials (including those indigenous to the Caribbean).


The theme of the exhibit is “Doors: Entryways to Sustainable Living” and will be facilitated through a virtual platform, which focuses on green and low cost housing solutions for the region. Large projector screen set up to showcase 3D animated interiors of various rooms found in homes will demonstrate unique solutions to everyday building and planning problems. Whether it is a dining room, a kitchen or a living room it will feature design concepts, which make use of the uniqueness of the region’s material and weather.

To compliment the 3D display would be a special focus on the historical use of natural materials for building and design in the Caribbean. This display will depict the way the use of these natural materials has evolved over time. This will be done using photography and complimentary narratives to tell the story of the evolutionary use of material found in the region.



P3 Ambika Westminster University
Westminster University