Catalyst Consultants Success Story


Who: Catalyst Consultants

Country: Barbados

 Catalyst Consultant

 Profile: Catalyst Consultants are change management consultants. They are committed to helping people and organisations achieve their full potential and supporting them through the process of change. Catalyst Consultants collaborates with a network of facilitators, trainers and coaches to take organisations to the next level. The firm is headed by Norma Shorey-Bryan. Key areas of expertise include:

                • Change Management
                • Organisational Development
                • Human Resources Management
                • Strategic Planning
                                                          • Training Design and Facilitation


Assistance received: Under the Direct Assistance Grant Scheme, Catalyst Consultants received a grant in January 2009 which enabled them to develop promotional materials and upgrade their export capability so as to make the business more competitive at regional and international levels.

Specifically, services were contracted for the development of a website as well as the design of a more attractive portfolio of materials. The firm also undertook promotional visits to four CARICOM countries to explore export opportunities. Ms. Shorey-Bryan was also able to deliver introductory workshops in two countries which exposed potential clients to their dynamic approach. 

Impact: Through the export promotion activities, Catalyst Consultants received several follow-up calls and participated in joint bid proposals with companies interested in collaborating with the firm or utilising its services. 

What beneficiaries have to say:
“I was encouraged by the level of interest shown in our management consulting service…. (T)he high quality of materials projects a professional image of our company and makes me more confident in promoting our services both regionally and internationally. Most importantly, I am convinced that the contacts developed with companies through this process, will pay dividends in the future as we expand and export our management consulting services.” – Lead Consultant, Catalyst Consultants, Norma Shorey-Bryan.

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