Caribbean Craft Success Story


Who: Caribbean Craft

Country: Haiti


 Profile: Caribbean Craft is an organisation which represents Haitian artisans.


Assistance received: Caribbean Craft participated in Caribbean Export’s Gift and Craft Show and received a grant through the Scheme to attend a major trade show in Atlanta, Georgia.

Impact: The assistance led to a large export order and a brighter export  future. In early 2009, Caribbean Craft was able to fulfill an order from a large US customer, HomeGoods, worth over USD $65,000 thanks to its grant-funded participation at the trade show in Atlanta. Caribbean Craft was successful in producing over 6,000 items in just 15 business days to meet its deadline.



What beneficiaries have to say: “On behalf of the Haitian artisans that we represent, I thank (Caribbean Export) again for your assistance.” – Caribbean Craft’s Magalie Noel Dresse


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