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Caribbean Export is undertaking trade advocacy initiatives for goods and services including collaboration on the development and implementation of a CARIFORUM trade and development programme. Understanding the trade agreements that may regulate your company’s exports is an important pillar in the export development process. Caribbean Export provides technical assistance to companies and entrepreneurs to better understand and take advantage of trade agreements.

This section, offers a compendium of Trade and other Agreements that affect trade by investing in CARIFORUM States.

  • Bi-National ProgrammesCaribbean Export believes in a stronger, united region that works together in order to achieve its mutual goal of development. In order to achieve this, the Agency has facilitated and taken part in several bi-national programmes designed to foster relationships between the CARICOM states and both the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
  • Caribbean Exporters' ColloquiumCaribbean Export hosts a two-day Exporters’ Colloquium, where industry leaders discuss key issues relating to exporting from the Caribbean to the international market.
  • Mutual Recognition AgreementsCaribbean Export is deeply invested in the growth of industries, especially those which are pegged to be indicators of economic growth and diversification.
  • Regional Private Sector Advocacy GroupCaribbean Export is in the process of implementing the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Regional Private Sector Development Programme.
  • The EPAThe Economic Partnership agreement (EPA) is a permanent instrument of trade partnership between CARIFORUM and the EC.


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