Belzeb Success Story


Who: Belzeb

Country: Grenada

 Catalyst Consultant

Profile: Belzeb is a producer of natural aromatherapy, spa and herbal products from Caribbean fruits and herbs. In 2009 the firm relocated from Haiti to Grenada and its products are featured in Moi Spa at Mount Cinnamon Hotel there.

Assistance received: Under the Direct Assistance Scheme, Belzeb received funding to undertake design and printing for packaging and promotional material for its products.

Impact: Labels were designed and a two-sided print brochure was completed. These have provided Belzeb with greater visibility in the marketplace.

What beneficiaries have to say: “The project was very successful; I was able to penetrate new markets in the region. If it were not for Caribbean Export, I would not have been able to conduct this project. I would like to thank them for helping my company and continuously doing the good work in the region.” – Owner, Belzeb, Marie Roberte Laurent.


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