CARICOM Procurement Notice


The following opportunities are available with CARICOM.  Interested persons are advised to download the full contract notices and apply accordingly.

Consultancy To Develop the Intra-CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) Right of Establishment Regime: Complete Development of an Online Company Registry Among 12 Member States

‘The purpose of this consultancy is to provide the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretariat and its Member States with a complete and functioning automated data management system for registering companies, other legal entities and business names,  for information exchange and for networking among the national company registries and the CSME Unit by :

a) completing the building of a secure regional database network among the company registries in Caricom’s 12 Member States and connected to a central data base repository at the CSME Unit in Barbados;

b) provide technical support to each of the 12 Member States and the CSME Unit to make the Caricom system of online registration of companies operational.


The Establishment of a Labour Market Information System for Proper Management of the Regime for Free Movement of skills within the CSME

This consultancy is intended to provide the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretariat, including the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) Unit, and its Member States with an operating framework for data management on free movement within the CSME, with the ultimate result of better management of labour migration and CSME integrated labour market by Member States and better management by the Caricom Secretariat of impacts of free movement provisions in the Treaty, within the CSME.


Strengthening of the CSME Regulatory and Market Regimes

The purpose of this consultancy is to provide technical assistance to the Member States and the CARICOM Secretariat, to strengthen their institutional capacity to administer and regulate the CSME market and its access regimes, especially relating to Rights of Establishment, Competition, and Consumer Protection, as provided for in The Treaty.


The Development and Implementation of the Infrastructure and Instruments for an Integrated Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) Procurement Market

This consultancy is intended to provide the Caricom Secretariat and its Member States with the infrastructure including all instruments and the necessary training to establish a fully functioning electronic public procurement system with an electronic notice board.


Improvement in the Production and Dissemination of the System of National Accounts

The project seeks to fill the data gaps in National Accounts Estimates and Short-term indicators and in assisting countries in applying the new international standards of the System of National Accounts 2008 (2008 SNA). It will build upon the support provided under the 9th EDF Caribbean Integration Support Programme (CISP) by reinforcing the capacity of the national statistical offices (NSOs) to produce key national accounts statistics through the provision of technical assistance and regional training to harmonise the production of these statistics. More specifically, it is anticipated that the project will improve the production of key tables of the Minimum Required Data Set (MRDS) of the 2008 SNA and the use of annual/quarterly national accounts and related indicators.